About Solrmatic

We have designed a web-connected automatic solar cooking tool that revolutionizes the art of solar cooking, bringing the simple and low-tech craft into the 21st Century. Solrmatic addresses the two main challenges that discourage people from trying solar cooking—the uncertainty of knowing when food is safely cooked and the need to turn a solar oven to follow the sun.

Solrmatic is the #TeslaOfCooking


Easy to Use

Simply set your Solrmatic and forget about it. Kick back and relax amigo.
We are intelligently cooking your food and saving the planet!

High Tech

No need to stress about when dinner is ready. Just wait till your Apple Watch sends you a notification of when to eat!

Super Sustainable

Never before could you cook such delicous food, with the joy of not using any fossil fuels. It's a more enlightened and delicous way to cook.

Zero Emission Cooking.

Good for the planet, good for you belly!